Being a Godfather or Godmother ...


  • What objective?

Giving a future to young Nepalese girls

I allow a young girl to have access to school. Education is a way to find a place more easily in society and in the world. As in most countries in great poverty, the priority of education falls to boys, which is why Daya Nepal has chosen to sponsor young girls.


  • How? 'Or' What ?

I commit to a minimum year by paying the tuition fees of a young girl. It only costs me 1 euro per day or 365 euros a year. I also agree to respect a 3 months notice, if I decide to end the sponsorship, in order to give Daya Nepal time to find a relay so as not to interrupt the schooling of my godchild.


  • What do I gain?

The satisfaction and well-being of offering a prospect for the future more favorable to a young girl in a country where the boy has the first place.

Also, personal enrichment and fulfilment as I am in touch with different customs and culture. Daya Nepal will try to keep a link between the girl I sponsor and myself, exchanging letters or presents whenever its possible. I can also join with Daya president on his trips to Nepal in order to meet her, and this at my own expense.


An investment in a humanitarian cause because the association has been recognized as such. A tax deduction of 66%, the year really costs me only 122 euros (or 0.33 euro per day).