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What becoming a sponsor? To give these Nepalese girls a future


When I become a sponsor, I give a young girl the opportunity to go to school. Education is a way to get by in the society and the world. As in most fragile countries, boys are given priority over girls as far as education is concerned, that is why Daya Nepal chose to sponsor girls.



I agree to pay a girl’s school fees for at least a year. That only costs me 1 euro a day, or 365 euros a year. I agree to give three months’ notice if I want to end my sponsor ship. This will give Daya Nepal enough time to find another person so that the sponsored child won’t stop going to school.


What do I gain from it?

I get the satisfaction and happiness of knowing that I’ve offered a girl a brighter future in a country where boys are always given priority. Also, personal enrichment and fulfilment as I am in touch with different customs and culture, since I can regularly get some news from the girl I sponsor and also write to her or to her school. I could also go to Nepal to meet her with the organization.


Getting involved in humanitarian aid, as Daya Nepal is officially recognized as a non profit organization. With a 66 % tax deduction, my sponsorship only costs me 122 euros a year (or 0,33 euros a day).

Condition : taxable in France 









Our sponsored girls from Manasarovar School


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