Distributing school supplies to more than 2,000 children every year - five schools

Thanks to your donations, we can buy school supplies on site. This way, we also help the local economy. A schoolkit (notebook, pencil, fountainpen, eraser, ruler, etc.) is then given to each child in person during a ceremony

Sponsoring young girls’education

Helping renovate schools buildings

Supporting the « Shakti Samuha » organization

The « Shakti Samuha » organization takes care of the accomodations for young Nepalese girls who have been victims of sexual slavery, providing them with shelter, support, and medical care. You can support them too by buying the objects they have made during our Nepal evening.

Après les séismes : Reconstruction école Bungtang

Depuis le séisme d'avril 2015, Daya Népal a soutenu  la reconstruction d'une école primaire dans le village de Bungtang, district de Nuwakot au nord ouest de Katmandu à plus de 1800 m d'altitude.


Dhéraï  dhéraï dhaniabad

Thank you so much


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Samedi 12 décembre 2020


Conférence / Concert

salle du Projo à Crolles


Conf : Rébécca Shankland 

Sidonie&Victor  : harpe et hang

Groupe Sugar Cane


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