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Some news from our goddaughters


In Bungtang, Sareta, our relay on site, teaches the children of the village during the period of confinement. (video below)


This solution will continue for some time to come, because even if the schools are once again welcoming children in reduced numbers, transport is not yet provided.


The schools that Daya Nepal supports in Kathmandu have, as in Europe, provided courses via the Internet, with the difficulties of access to this mode of communication, which more than in France has discriminated against the most disadvantaged.


However, the Manasarovar Académy school and the Boudha School were very involved and provided support and follow-up to the children. Daya Nepal thanks them for their involvement.


We also thank the godparents of Daya Nepal for their even more decisive commitment to the future of these children, in such a unique health and economic context.


The Daya Nepal team also remains very active on the ongoing project to raise awareness of ecology, the current crisis of which reminds us of the urgent need.


Take care of yourself. 

Daya Népal today


* Distributing school supplies to more than 2,000 children every year

* Sponsoring young girls so they can go to school

* Helping renovate schools buildings

* Supporting the « Shakti Samuha » organization 


 After bothdevastating earthquakes in 2015, Daya Nepal helped get children back to school. The organization gave its financial support to rebuild a school located in the Himalayanmountains. The school is hosting more than fifty children.



The organization


A few years ago, Frédéric Thery happened to meet Alexandre Jollien, a Swisswriter and philosopher. After several study trips around the globe together, they flew to Nepal in 2012 in order to meet Matthieu Ricard, a Tibetan Buddhist monk who is also the French interpreter for the Dalaï Lama since 1989. 




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